Learn how to help animals in distress and promote animal welfare at the Sunbear Squad web site.

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Free Advertising/PR Tools
for Mass Media Distribution

These downloadable files are available freely to all public media who commit to publishing them as a public service in their community. Please credit www.sunbearsquad.org as appropriate.

Check back for regular additions to this page.

Technical questions? E-mail the Sunbear Squad administrator, who also creates all advertising designs and materials for the organization. Please allow 24 hours for a reply.

Copyright and Trademark Information

The Sunbear Squad organization does claim copyright and trademark protection under federal law for the Sunbear Squad name, the Sunbear Squad shield logo, the "Watch Listen Call" slogan, and the Watch Listen Call wordmark.

Download Instructions

To put a copy of the file on your computer, just right-click on the link, select "Save Target As" from the popup menu, and browse to select your file destination. Click "Save."

Print Materials

Letterfold brochure: About Sunbear Squad and Sunbear

Letterfold brochure about Sunbear Squad and Sunbear

Print these letter size color brochures to hand out at animal-related events. The Wallet Card prints on the back panel. Bring along a list of important animal welfare phone numbers in your area to help people fill out the Wallet Cards right at your table. It's a great conversation starter and helps people be prepared to help an animal in distress!

Brochure, press-optimized PDF

3.5 x 3 Ad: Visit www.sunbearsquad.org

Small black and white ad for newsletters and magazines

Help spread the word about Sunbear Squad. This black and white ad is 3.5 inches wide and 3 inches high, ready to print. Two formats are available for download, press-ready PDF, and high-resolution TIF (600 dpi).

3.5 x 3 Ad, press-optimized PDF

3.5 x 3 Ad, 600dpi grayscale TIF

4.25 x 6 Ad: Watch, Listen, Call

Black and white ad

This black and white ad, right, is 4.25 inches wide and 6 inches high, ready for imprinting with the name and phone number of your humane society or animal control team. It is available in two formats, a press-ready PDF file that is editable in Adobe Illustrator, and a high-resolution TIF file (600 dpi) that can be edited in Adobe PhotoShop or placed in a page layout file.

4.25 x 6 Ad, press-optimized PDF

4.25 x 6 Ad, 600dpi grayscale TIF

8.5 x 11 Poster: Watch, Listen, Call

Black and white poster

This poster, left, is a standard page size. It has an imprint area for the phone number and name of your humane society or animal control team. It is available in PDF format.

8.5 x 11 Poster, print-optimized PDF

30-sheet Billboard: Watch, Listen, Call

30-sheet billboard image

This billboard is two-colors, black and yellow, for the most effective pricing. It can be edited in Adobe Illustrator to add the phone number of your humane society or law enforcement agency. Download from the link below.

30-sheet Billboard, PDF

Watch. Listen. Call.