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Give Dog or Cat Food Anonymously
to Needy Families

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Do you know of outside dogs or cats who are not getting enough food? You can help them by giving anonymous gifts of cat food or dog food to the household. Just purchase a fresh, unopened, trusted brand bag of kibble, attach the gift card (linked below) with tape, and deliver the food to a sheltered spot near the entrance when the home is unoccupied or at night. Check back in a day to make sure it is no longer in that spot. That's important because it is possible that the hungry animals might actually have been abandoned and the owners long gone—they might need you to rescue them. Sometimes it's hard to tell at first.

Right-click on the links below to download the free PDF files, and choose "Save link as..." or "Save target as..." to put the file on your computer. Print them out on white index card stock. There are 4 cards on a sheet.

If the family can't afford food for their pet, they might surrender the poor thing to a pound or shelter. Companion animals that are surrendered are usually not protected by same laws that protect strays. Stray animals are required to be sheltered for a number of days so their owners can find them. In many municipalities, owner-surrendered dogs or cats are euthanized almost immediately, especially if there is even a slight medical or age issue. That sweet dog or cat who may have been a friend of yours might not get even a slight chance to be adopted.

In short, your anonymous gift of kibble could help save a life. Please consider giving kibble to pet-owning families that have been hit by the recession.

Thank you to volunteer Kay Wimberly of Hired Hand Design for the dog and cat illustrations!