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"Pet-Caring Community" Attributes

Does your community show concern about the welfare of companion animals? Because 63% of homes have pets nationwide, probably many people in your community do care deeply about the health and welfare of pets.

What would an ideal "Pet-Caring Community" offer to residents and visitors?

Here's the Sunbear Squad list of recommended attributes:

Protective Laws

  • State laws with felony provisions for animal neglect and abuse
  • Ordinances require pet dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered
  • Ordinances require dog and cat breeders to be licensed
  • Ordinances set minimum shelter, shade, collar/chain/kennel characteristics, food, water, and health standards for backyard dogs

Pet-centric Businesses

  • Motel or hotel that allows guests to lodge with dogs and cats (a modest deposit is fine) located within the community boundary
  • Pet food and pet care products are available for sale
  • Kenneling and/or dog daycare services are available
  • Dog training services are available nearby
  • Pet grooming services are available
  • Pet sitter services are available
  • Dog walking services are available

Activities with Pets

  • A park that allows dogs or cats on leashes located within the community boundary
  • Community events focused on pets
  • Clubs focused on retrieving, flyball, disc dog (frisbee), agility, obedience, and other sports

Health and Welfare

  • Veterinary clinic serving large and small animals located within 10 miles
  • Humane society or animal shelter located within 25 miles
  • Wildlife sanctuary located within 50 miles
  • Animal control officer is employed
  • Schools and churches host speakers who educate on pet care and training

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Bill of Rights for Pets

Read our Bill of Rights for Pets for a thoughtful look at the principles, rights, and actions affecting the status of pets. This is an all-original work. If you share it, please credit Sunbear Squad Inc.