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Learn About Animal Abuse

Take a 10-Minute Tutorial for Adults

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Be a more effective Good Samaritan for Pets by learning the signs of animal abuse and animal neglect. In this tutorial, you will learn to recognize basic and common signs visible to the naked eye, so that you can act with more confidence when you find a pet in trouble. Remember, when in doubt, let the professionals decide if the animal is really in trouble. Call!

This web-based animal abuse tutorial is designed for individuals without professional humane officer (or similar) experience, training, or knowledge. It is not frightening, offensive, or graphic in nature. It does not require special software.

You will view the animal abuse/animal neglect tutorial in a separate window by clicking on "START TUTORIAL" below. You can close the window to end the tutorial at any time, and you will automatically return to this page.


Thank you for your interest in learning more about animal abuse and animal neglect. For current news and information about animal welfare issues worldwide, visit "ANIMAL PEOPLE" online, the leading independent newspaper providing original investigative coverage of animal protection worldwide.

Is this animal in distress? No. Food and water dishes are upright; kennel is clean; hips are rounded; Elizabethan collar shows he is under veterinary care. Sparky is loved and sleeps with his owner at night. No animal abuse or animal neglect here. | Animal Abuse Tutorial | Animal Neglect | Sunbear Squad

The Sunbear Squad organization will not be held liable should an accident or injury result from efforts to help a pet in trouble that were based on suggestions posted on this web site.

Animal Abuse:

Injury or ill health caused by wrongful and inhumane treatment; intentional neglect.

Animal Neglect:

Habitual lack of care; basic needs are not met. Food, water, shelter, veterinary care, and/or companionship are lacking.

What animal cruelty laws are established in your state? Check here: Animal Legal and Historical Center published by the Michigan State University College of Law.


When you see or hear an animal who might be in distress, you might feel upset. If you are upset, you might not be at your best to help that pet. SCRAPS breathing can help you regain your self-control and act with more assurance.

Why does this self-control matter? Because without it, you might falsely accuse someone of a crime. Because you might get hurt. Because your efforts to help a pet in distress could backfire or cause needless trouble.

Remember, when in doubt, call a professional!

Sunbear Squad's purpose is to help you succeed in your efforts to help pets in distress. SCRAPS breathing is original content. Please credit Sunbear Squad Inc. if you share it.